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One of the goals of Areopagus is to give new writers the opportunity to see their work in print, perhaps for the first time - something a Small Press magazine is in a unique position to be able to do. This has been an encouragement to many new writers, who have then gone on to try their hand at submitting to other publications. At the current time we do not however  have the resources to pay for published items. Copyright is always retained by the author, but unless otherwise instructed we have an agreement that any item published in the magazine may be read aloud (but not published) in any church or Christian meeting without prior permission being sought. Please note: because of the small budget, Areopagus is only able to publish contributions from subscribers to the Magazine. Unsolicited submissions from non-subscribers cannot therefore be considered at this time.
Areopagus and the Internet.
Subscribers may submit manuscripts by email, which is our preferred method, however within the UK, postal submissions are also acceptable.

Options for subscription
The printed version (distributed by post):  £15 p.a.
The Ezine  (electronic version):                     £5 p.a.  



1. Payment by BACS  (or  by cheque)      For further details contact Susan Wilson:       [email protected]   


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