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A brief history of the magazine
Areopagus was founded in 1990, as a special-interest publication for Christian writers. The magazine is run as a Small Press publication,  with an editorial team based in various parts of the UK. We also have a  USA representative on the team. Click here for our 25th Anniversary Year news!
Areopagus is a quarterly 32 page A4 sized Magazine. This is a colour printed magazine, but we now also produce an Ezine version using the same layout and content, which is available at lower cost. We publish subscribers' fiction, poetry and articles. Regular features include Letters to the Editor, book reviews, and a regular 'observational' column. Areopagus also runs an internal (subscribers-only) competition each quarter.
The general ethos of Areopagus is evangelical Christian, however our subscribers include people from a wide church background, including Catholics and Anglicans. There are also a number of ministers in our readership. Due mainly to the interests of the current readership, there tends to be more poetry printed than other kinds of writing, and the poems are not all religious but cover a wide variety of subjects. Sometimes we have themes for a particular issue. 
For more details on what we can offer subscribers, please see our Further information page.

Julian Barritt



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